Irrigation Services

LLI has a dedicated team of trained services technicians to service and maintain your irrigation system. We offer a full range of services from simple repairs through full retrofits. We also offer service agreements including backflow inspections, spring start-ups and winterization in the fall.

From winter hibernating to spring cleaning, our skilled lawn care experts ensure your sprinkler system works the way it should all year long. Because your irrigation system is out of sight, it often goes out of mind, which can lead to unnecessary issues and repairs. We’re here to make sure you don’t have to worry about that.

Some sprinkler services we offer include:

  • Sprinkler Start-Ups – Spring is a time for rebirth and bloom, which is what we offer your sprinklers. While we close down the system in the winter, we can start it up again to ensure the unit works the way it should.
  • Winterizing – Before winter come in full swing, it is important to winterize your irrigation system. This means removing excess water from your pipes, which would otherwise freeze. This prevents your pipes from cracking or breaking. We can also shut down your system, to prevent leaks and save you money.
  • Summer Inspection – We will visit you 3 times a year to keep your irrigation system up and running year round.